False starts

Yesterday evening, towards the end of my run, a homeless woman stopped me to help jumpstart her car. My jumper cables were bad, so I went and got new ones.…

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Learning to See: Reception
Photos courtesy of Pedro Castro.

Learning to See: Reception

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Art is nothing without dialogue. At the end of the day, I am little more than the applicator of colors on paper. So it is both humbling and special to see that…

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Like the Grown-Ups (v2)

Estoy estancada. I'm stuck. I've used up most of my paper, but am dissatisfied with my drawings here in Castro, Chiloé. The setting is tranquil. I am restless. On the…

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Like the Grown-Ups
Fabian Ciraolo, on display at Museo de Arte Moderno en Chiloé

Like the Grown-Ups

Like any common over-analyzer, I've twisted my head these last few weeks over the significance vs. coincidence of things. Looking at things from my own perspective, there has to be…

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