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Solo show by Jenie Gao, Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery at Madison Central Library.

Uncommon Ground

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From personal to professional to political spaces, I have paid attention to disputes between people who plead for common ground yet gloss over perspectives and leave issues unresolved. I have wondered that if instead of common ground, we should advocate and claim space for identities and representations that are rare.

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Spiders, Feminism, and Unlearning Irrational Fears

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As a child, I was afraid of spiders. I was one of those girls who ran away at the sight of any creepy crawly bug that was not either a ladybug, butterfly, or roly poly. I didn't see the irony or hypocrisy of my fear, as a girl who got called boyish, called out for being too rough, too temperamental, too strong, too aggressive for my sex.

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Designs by Boon Mee, Yim Laj, and Yee Lang, student artists on the Patterns of Passage project, members of Bayview's Community Arts Crew

Patterns of Bayview

Bayview Foundation is an affordable housing neighborhood in the heart of Madison. Their residents represent 12 different nationalities, constituting one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in this city. Over…

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